Wader LLC is a small organization set up to support the research and development of new inventions in oceanographic technology. The company is dedicated to the creation of inventions that will be of benefit to ocean ecology. Founded in 1999 by Warren Finley and Edward Pscheidt, Wader LLC is committing its efforts to building and implementing eco-friendly, technologically practical and financially viable solutions to some of the most pertinent issues facing our environment.

Wader is an independent organization that is not currently influenced through strategic alliance with another body. The company holds patents on methods of generating energy through a process involving the mixing of brine, salt water, and fresh water. This device is called the Hydrocratic Generator. With the assistance of Anthony Jones, PhD, the company has a patent on a method of mitigating water pollution.

Finley and Pscheidt, recognizing the ecological importance and commercial viability of their inventions, needed a suitable support network for their work. They founded Wader to provide that support network and act as a vehicle to further their research, communicate their intentions and facilitate the production of their inventions.